Five Top Tips For Successful Working From Home

Five Top Tips For Successful Working From Home

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Want to achieve a successful #wfh day?

With the increase of home and hybrid working on the rise, we've created these 5 tips to help you ensure you're as productive at home as when you're in the office. 


Create Your Home Office

Your #wfh space ideally needs to be somewhere that feels like a totally separate zone from the distractions of your home-life. Some people swear by the shed in the garden, whilst others say there must just be a door between work and home life. Set yourself up with a dedicated table, chair and storage to ensure that you can work as productively as you did at the office. See if your company is offering a work from home package, or check out our dedicated section here: . Finally, ensure you have plenty of natural light and air circulation in your chosen spot; Vitamin D and supply of fresh air greatly enhance your sense of wellbeing and happiness.

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Maintain Your Usual Routine

Setting up and sticking to a morning routine is an essential part of starting the day well. Keep a routine by waking at the same time, showering, dressing and preparing yourself mentally as if you're headed for a day in the office. By simply preparing yourself in the same way as usual, you'll be in a better mindset to start your day. Although it may be tempting for some to stay in their comfiest attire, sweatpants or pyjamas, it gives your body the wrong messages, and you be unlikely to retain the same work ethic. Stick to your daily schedule and you're on the road to a much more productive day!

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Stay Connected With Your Colleagues

One of the most missed commodities when working from home is the all-important human connection. We're human beings and we're naturally social creatures! When you're at home, you miss out on those chance encounters and daily interactions that we enjoy with our colleagues. And whilst the technology is by no means a replacement for this yet, there are a number of different channels and ways to combat this. Take advantage of free platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or Microsoft teams to chat with and video call your colleagues. Be creative! Think about setting up a weekly lunchtime game session, an evening Happy Hour or just a 15-minute, coffee-break video call to catch up personally.

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Incorporate Exercise Into Your day

When your commute is reduced to just 'down the stairs', or 'along the hallway' it can seriously reduce the amount of exercise you get each day, without you even noticing! This means that it's even more important to plan in physical exercise and moving around into your day. Think about setting a reminder on your phone to do get up from your chair and do some stretches, and use your old commute time for longer periods of exercise; for walks, runs or workouts- whatever appeals to you! And not only does it increase your energy and clear your mind, but you'll benefit from the feel-good endorphins released during exercise.

Spacestor Working From Home Exercise

Finish the Day Right

Finally, in the same way that you started the day in the right mindset, you have to close your mind off from work at the end of the day. This could mean that you tidy up your workstation, and fold your desk away- " Out of sight, Out of mind", or you could set yourself a different routine; finishing off the day's projects, closing your laptop down, going for a walk (the old commute) and re-entering your home, ready for the evening to begin!

Spacestor Working From Home Foldable KIT Desk

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