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5 Healthy Working From Home Lunches

Jessica Stedman

Posted on September 07 2020

Spacestor Working From Home Lunches


Making the time to have a lunch that’s packed with nutrients, goodness and flavour is really important, even when you’re working from home. Downing tools and heading to the kitchen will ensure that you give yourself the much needed mental and physical break from work as well as a warming meal to re-energise you for the afternoon's work. 
We've collated 5 of the best, healthy working from home lunches, including vegetarian options, gluten-free options, but what unites them all is their nutritional goodness and feel-good-factors. 
Feel free to download the images and once you've given them a try, let us know your thoughts! 

Working From Home Lunches Healthy


Working From Home Lunches Healthy Recipe


Working From Home Lunches Ideas


Working From Home Healthy Lunch Ideas


Healthy Lunch Ideas for at Home


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